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Parliament has this year been ordered by the Constitutional Court to change our electoral laws to allow for independents, not aligned to any political party, to run for office. The ball is in motion and the landscape will change for good.

This strengthens accountability, brings decision-making closer to the people, and ensures the best, fit for purpose individuals represent us in Parliament.
This way the people can chose the best 400 to Parliament and get a government that works to serve the people, not the other way around.

Adding another political party to the almost 50 national parties we already have won’t remove the ANC and bring real change to our nation. It hasn’t worked before, and it won’t work in the future. Comment – we must not make removing the ANC a stipulated goal, people don’t respond well to it, it also centers them in the messaging, we must also articulate why they haven’t worked and why our proposal works.

Political Parties are part of the problem in SA, not the solution. They are not accountable to the voters. They protect stealing and wrongdoing of members and there is never-ending infighting. It has become a career rather than a calling to serve. It’s always party interests’ firsts, and the people’s interests second.

The future of South Africa won’t be shaped by a political party. We must free ourselves from such thinking.
Rather, the future of South Africa will be shaped by ordinary people, engineers, doctors, nurses, school teachers, entrepreneurs, miners, factory workers, IT wizards, academics, environmentalists, business people and governance specialists.

The truth is the party is over for political parties in SA. We need a unifying movement of committed citizens who will build One South Africa.

The Party is over.  It’s time for real change. Join us at



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